One of the most important parts of the Scouting program is the outdoor camping. Those boys who do not actively camp with the troop will not get the full value of the program. Troop 858 conducts a year-round program of weekend camps and a one-week summer camp experience. In addition, a High Adventure trip is offered each summer to the older Scouts. A Scout will enjoy camping, regardless of the weather, if he packs the proper equipment. The troop will provide each Scout with a packing list of the gear he should bring to camp.

Community Service

Another very important part of the Troop 858 Scouting program is community service. We strongly believe that each Scout has the obligation to give something back to the community in which he lives. In addition to the Eagle Scout projects we undertake during the course of the year, there are several service projects for various organizations within the Camarillo community. Some are in support of our sponsoring organization, Peace Lutheran Church, while others benefit the local schools, the Ventura County Council, the city of Camarillo and more.